Jake Liggins
Aspiring Photographer & Videographer

Videography Projects

What it means to me: Classic Cars

The car, one of man’s most useful inventions. A technology that has developed rapidly over a short time period. However, no love has been lost for the classics. I wanted to find out what is so attractive about classic cars, and why people love them so dearly.

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Being a Villain

Being a fan of Aston Villa Football Club has been difficult in recent times. From winning the European Cup in 1982, to being relegated to the Championship in 2016, Villa fans have had it rough. I wanted to explore the history of Aston Villa Football Club, and see what it means to the fans.

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The Man Behind The Whistle

A short documentary exploring the recent criticism of referees in English Football. I wanted to find out whether referees are rightly criticised, or if they infact lack support on and off the pitch.

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